Autoclave Sterilization

VetAssure tabletop sterilizer 18 liters, autoclave 18 l, class S

The class S of the autoclave enables the sterilization of materials of uncomplicated, solid structure, simple, with smooth cavities and low porosity.

The 18 liter VetAssure S-class autoclave is suitable for the Bowie-Dick test and the vacuum test. It is intended for instruments and materials with a uncomplicated structure. For the sterilization cycle, you can place in the load wrapped materials weighing up to 1.5 kg and unwrapped materials up to 2.5 kg and low porosity materials up to 0.5 kg.


  • VSL - vacuum safety locking
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Water quality sensor
  • Pre-programmed sterilization cycles
  • Multilingual & userfriendly interface
  • USB port
  • Water purification system - ROSSI

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