Cozy Warm Planket

Solution of Hypothermia

Introducing the Darvall Cozy Warm Air Blanket System

1. Cozy Warm Air Heater

2. Cozy Warm Air Blankets

3. Darvall Heated Breathing Anesthesia Circuit

Hypothermia occurs in 85% of anesthetized small animals. Pre-Warming using Darvall's Warm Air Blankets Prevents critical heat loss following premedication.

Darvall Solving Hypothermia Before, During and After Anesthesia

1. Anesthesia Pre-Warming using Darvall's Cage Blanket System.

2. Darvall Heated Breathing Circuits warm from the first breath.

3. Darvall Under Blankets raise body temperature during surgery.

4. Warming caged animals effectively in Recovery & ICU.

5. Darvall Vet Cocoon warms 2 recovery cages simultaneously.

6. Darvall Peri-Anesthetic Thermal Support Selector inside.

Cozy Warm Air Heater

  • Warms animals safely in kennels and surgery.
  • Only 40 minutes to pre-warm.
  • Half the time of recovery warming.
  • Simple, low-cost routine maintenance and no downtime.
  • Heather's run time was monitored for recording and costing.
  • Compact, quiet, and easy to use.

Cozy Warm Air Blankets

  • Designed for surgery, dentistry, exotics, and kennel use.
  • Use for pre-warming, anesthesia, and recovery.
  • Custom sizes for all companion animals.
  • Thermodynamic design allows rapid heat distribution.
  • Anti-microbial filtered warm air maintains a sterile surgical environment.
  • Thermostatic control ensures patient safety.
  • Cost-effective for client and clinic.

Darvall Heated Breathing Anesthesia Circuit

  • Reduce critical heat loss with warm air inhalation.
  • Darvall Smooth wall tubing warms gas before it is breathed.
  • Warms from the first breath.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring of the airway and patient's body.
  • Automatic temperature feedback control unit.
Darvall's Warm Air System Works

10 Years of Safety Records for Darvall's Warm Air Blanket System

  • Safe thermostatically controlled heating to 115°F.
  • U-Tube under blankets for surgery use.
  • Recovery & ICU cage over blankets Cage door adapter for easy warm air transfer.
  • Dentistry under a blanket facilitates head access.
  • The heater runs quietly.
  • Bacterial ultra filter & low surface airflow blankets.
  • Darvall has proven to raise body temperature during surgery.
Darvall's Warm Air Blanket System for Use in Caged Animals

Pre-Warming before Anesthesia

  • Recent research shows that premedicated animals lose 1 - 2ºF before anesthesia, then rapidly lose a further 3.5-6.5ºF in 15 to 30 minutes following induction.
  • Effective pre-anesthesia warming combined with warming-inspired gas immediately after intubation can prevent the rapid, critical heat loss from occurring during clip/prep.,before animals are draped for surgery.
  • The Darvall Warm Air Blanket System safely and effectively warms premedicated animals, delivering warm air at constant, thermostatically controlled temperatures(43-46ºC) without risk of burning.
  • The cage blankets are designed to go over conscious animals.
  • The cage adapter allows the door to open and close properly for patient safety and to prevent damage to the heater hose.
  • The Darvall Warm Air Blanket System is cost-effective because one Vet Cocoon heater can warm up to 3 single cages or 2 double cages simultaneously.
  • Blankets can be reused between caged animals prior to anesthesia because they have not yet been clipped or prepped for surgery.

Darvall delivers real benefits & heats without harm
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