Instrument Reprocessing

Reprozyme Enzymatic Cleaner

Step-1: RINSE: 2 Minutes​

  • Wearing gloves, thoroughly rinse instruments under running water, taking

        care to completely cover the items.

Step-2: SOAK: 10 Minutes​

  • Fully immerse the instruments in a trough of REPROZYME Enzymatic Cleaner for 10 minutes if manual, or 5 minutes in an ultrasonic bath.
  • Solution should be changed weekly or if it becomes soiled or cloudy.

Step-3: RINSE: 2 Minutes​

  • Thoroughly rinse the instruments again and submerse in a trough of water of suitable quality

Step-4: SOAK: 10 Minutes

  • Ensuring instruments have been previously cleaned in REPROZYME Enzymatic Cleaner, completely immerse instruments in REPRODIS Instruments Disinfectant and soak for 10 minutes.
  • This solution can continue to be used for up to seven days.

Step-5: RINSE: 2 Minutes

  • For the final rinse agitate in fresh water of suitable quality for two minutes.
  • Dry and store correctly ready for re-use.