Laser Therapy

Proper Dosing & Delivery Maximises Patient Results

Companion therapy lasers are designed to provide you with the ideal dose of laser energy for every condition, every patient, every time. Protocols are built on years of clinical research to provide you with confidence, consistency, and optimal patient outcomes. The CTS-DUO enables you to advance your standard of care for a myriad of conditions with the help of four key features.


  • SmartCoat Plus Technology
  • Empower IQ
  • Advanced Species-Specific Protocols
  • The Deep Tissue Applicator

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What can Laser Therapy Treat?

Due to the drug-free, non-invasive nature of laser therapy, it is often used as a powerful adjunct to existing treatment protocols. It can be used before, during, or after surgical procedures, alongside pharmacological management of certain conditions, and in conjunction with rehabilitation programs. Since laser therapy has a broad spectrum of physiological effects, mainly surrounding the reduction of pain and inflammation and increasing the speed of healing, it is a versatile tool as part of a multimodal approach to treating Many common conditions in veterinary medicine.

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