Pet Grooming Dryer

Pet Grooming Dryer is a forced velocity air dryer with incredible power and incredible value. This grooming dryer is lightweight. it has the same power in its singular motor that most dual-motor grooming dryers have, making it the perfect portable grooming dryer.

This grooming dryer comes with a knob for adjustable wind speed. It also has a switch to turn on or off a heating element. The Aeolian Forced air pet grooming dryer comes with a 3-meter hose and interchangeable round-end nozzle and flat-end nozzle.

• Power Supply: 110V
• Maximum Power: 2800W
• Heat Power: 600W
• Blow Force: 895g
• Maximum Speed: 90m/s
• Highest Temperature: 125°F
• Noise: 86dbA
• NW: 9.23lbs
• Dimensions(cm): 13.4"L x 6.3"B x 8.3"H

Weight - 8 lbs

Height - 8.3 in

Width - 6.3 in

Length - 13.4 in

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